Carbine Chemicals Jetramax 600ml $95.00
Product Description
An Instant supply of concentrated B Group Vitamins. Being an oral solution it is great for needle shy horses.

Each ml contains:
25mg Thiamine Hydrochloride
5mg Riboflavin
20mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
60mg Niacinamide
20mg Calcium Pantothenate
200ug Cyanocobalamin
50mg Choline Chloride
10mg Inositol
50ug Biotin

5 - 10ml daily or whenever required.


Directions for Use:
Withdraw the required amount with a syringe and a 14 or 16 gauge needle, then detach needle from the syringe and administer contents directly into the horse's mouth. All members of the Instamax Range can be withdrawn into the same syringe and can be safely given by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

NOTE: The Instamax Range does not produce a positive swab and no withdrawal period is required.
Total Price: $95.00
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