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Gastrazone oral dietary reinforcement solution is an appetising blend of selected plant extracts and nutritional isolates to supplement diets that may be low, and help maintain normal gastrointestinal function in horses.

Since evolution, horses in the wild had no restriction to their grazing habits and consumed a large plant volume gathered over many kilometers daily. This enabled them access to a vast variety of prime seasonal plants to fulfil their daily requirements for survivial and reproduction, as well as enjoying freedom to fossick for specific plants to help relieve self-diagnosed ailments.

The horse in confinement (stabled, travelling, performing) is unable to process a high plant turnover every day for the necessary influx of nutritional elements. It cannot follow its natural free range grazing routine and suffers are large reduction in the variety and volume of live plant consumption, which can lead to continual deprivation of many nutrients. This makes the horse vunerable to many ailments. Horses in training and competition are constantly faced with repetitive stresses, both physically and psychologically, with nutritional requirements far exceeding nature's intent. These horses are highly reliant on dietary assistance to help maintain normal health while governed by artificial environments.

Horses receiving Gastrazone daily have a continual influx of liquefied plant extracts enriched with selected nutritional isolates to help assist normal gastrointestinal function and dietary efficiency. Thiamine is also incorporated to assist in maintaining a normal appetite and help offset deficiencies induced by plants containing Thiaminase (which renders Vitamin B1 ineffective), as well as diets deteriorating from unfavourable conditions or having low inherent levels.

Gastrozone is very palatable and highly functional, being preformed for immediate nutritional fortification whenever required, especially horses receiving high grain rations or with limited access to an extensive variety of free range plant consumption.

Contains Thiamine hydrochloride 2,350mg per litre.

Directions for use:

As a daily routine, mix thoroughly into the feed.

Recommended daily dosage:

Adult Horses (400 - 500kg): Initially give 100ml morning and 100ml evening for 7 days, then reduce to 50ml morning and 50ml evening every day. For horses with elevated requirements, increase dosage accordingly.
Ponies, Yearlings, Weanlings, Foals: Carry out the same routine as for adult horses, giving approximately half the amount. Vary dosage accordingly.
Weaning and Breaking-in stages: Commence Gastrazone at least 7 days prior to weaning at recommended higher dosage. The same procedure applies at the breaking in stage.
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