Funnelweb Bite $8.00
Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce
Heat: 8 / 10
Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Chilli (20%), Vinegar, Garlic, Herbs & Spices, Salt, Xanthan Gum (415).

Recommended Usage

Any fish dish, salmon, tuna or king prawns.
Have it with your Asian cooking: Singapore noodles or rice dishes.
Use with vegetable stir-fries
Add/mix with Sour cream and you have an instant dip for your corn chips / fajitas or tacos
Also very nice with meats, chicken, steak.
Pour it over your Philadelphia cheese; scoop it out with corn chips or biscuits for a hot snack!

Funnelweb Bite as well...

The Hot Chilli Chef cooks a beautiful "BBQ' ed Lamb Rack & Char grilled Vegetables" with The Chilli Factory's "Double Trouble - Hot Wasabi Mustard", "Funnelweb Bite - Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce" & "Outback Storm - Hot Tomato Basil Relish" A quick and easy dish, made in less than 20 minutes. Let your taste buds go wild!
Total Price: $8.00
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