Sweet Dreams $8.00
Medium Chilli Jam
Ingredients: Tomato, Water, Sugar, Chilli (5%), Vinegar, Corn Flour, Curry Paste, Salt, Garlic, Shrimp paste, Ginger, Herbs & Spices, Xanthan Gum (415), Lemongrass.

This product is not Vegan friendly due to the shrimp paste.

Recommended Usage

Any cold meat sandwiches, just smear it on.
Kids save!
The Thai use chilli jams a lot for their stir-fries and fish dishes.
Spread on anything you desire for a taste sensation!
You can also make a nice dip with the chilli jam by simply adding sour cream or fresh natural yoghurt and mix it together.
It enhances the flavours of your dish and adds that oriental flavour to it.
Deep fry your Camembert or Brie cheese and pour the Jam on top of it.
Melt your Philadelphia cheese and bring it on!
Total Price: $8.00
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